| David "Fox" Gleeson |
| US based freelance illustrator and pixel artist |

feel free to ask questions or request something that i haven't officially listed (e.g. sprites, tiles, icons, etc., or even non-pixel digital art)! i am flexible and willing to work with my clients!(traditional art is currently unavailable, sorry)


- i take payment up front in USD via PayPal ONLY. tips are appreciated but not necessary!- if the price is too steep for you to pay all at once, i will also accept partial payment up front, with the rest being paid at a later date. i will not start the commission until it has been paid at least halfway.- base prices are non-negotiable, and are subject to go up for detailed pieces.- due to medical issues and chronic illness, i may work slowly, but i will get the job done in the end. your patience is appreciated.- if you need the art by a certain date, i need AT LEAST TWO WEEKS advance notice for simple pieces, and AT LEAST A MONTH for complex pieces. art with a deadline goes to the top of my queue by default.- if, for whatever reason, i can't complete your commission, you will receive either a full refund (if i never even started it) or a partial refund relative to whatever i have completed.- i don't mind doing requests for sexually explicit -- or otherwise graphic -- artwork, but only to a certain point. you can ask, but be very specific about what you want and don't be surprised if i say no. feel free to message me for more info.
sexually suggestive (but not explicit) artwork and nonsexual artistic nudity are nearly always ok.
- i reserve the right to refuse ANY commission for ANY reason.

thanks for reading ★
special thanks to my buddie Simon for helping with web design, and to GifCities for the wizard gifs.

welcome to the wizard's lair

24 | he/it
gay autistic dude; artist; very cool wizard; man-thing; neurotic muppet; some kind of diseased rat; tragic victim of hubris; all around weirdguy; decent mario kart player.


  • video games, especially zelda (plus nintendo in general) and undertale / deltarune

  • comics

  • old-school fantasy and sci-fi

  • puppets and practical effects

  • anything campy, cheesy, gaudy, absurd, etc.

  • cooking / baking

  • birds

  • old / outdated technology, machines, and vehicles

  • religious / mythological imagery and symbolism

  • beautiful men